renegotiate supply chain agreements

Ready or Not – You Will Reinvent Your Supply Chain and Renegotiate Agreements with Partners in 2017.

Reinvent and Renegotiate.  And that means negotiating new agreements with supply chain partners. Fortunately you don’t have to do it alone. Because RED BEAR Negotiation Company is here to help everyone on your team by providing negotiation skills. We deliver tailored workshops and performance services that produce results. These programs were originally offered by BayGroup International and are now provided exclusively by RED BEAR Negotiation Company.

Less is not more when it comes to skills.

RED BEAR Negotiation Company is the exclusive distributor of solutions from BayGroup International (now part of Corporate Visions, Inc.), including Negotiating With Suppliers™, Situational Negotiation Skills™, and Cross-Cultural Negotiation™.  We’re proud to make this proven content available, implemented by the same team that built a track record of success over the span of three decades.

Prepare your team to renegotiate supply chain agreements with proven strategies now. Do you have a plan? Are they ready?

You’re invited to browse through this website because RED BEAR has the expertise you need and contact us if you have questions about our work and how we can help your organization improve its bottom-line negotiation results.

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